About Ann Marie 


I live in the remote, high desert of far West Texas where nature, weather, and light play a remarkable and influential role in my everyday life and work. The wide-open space, isolation, arid climate, and dark night skies all contribute to a deep sense of place and way of life. It's common to experience incredible, fleeting moments of high drama here. The desert is a force – powerful and otherworldly in its beauty: The solo appearance of a bright-orange cactus flower shamelessly showing off to the surrounding yellow prairie grass in Spring; fast-moving, late-afternoon thunderstorms that stop as suddenly they begin, leaving behind the sweet smell of damp desert soil; the sharp contrast of silhouettes backlit by the sun; cloud shadows creeping across the landscape; neon pinks and yellows streaking across the wide horizon almost every evening at sunset. Living, looking, and making paintings here provokes feelings and experiences that are glorious, intangible, freeing, mysterious, divine, ephemeral, and overwhelming. And also, of course, incredibly rewarding.