After living for a decade in the Pacific Northwest, I moved to the high desert of remote West Texas twenty years ago. I came from the Cascade Mountains, with abundant rainfall and dense, old-growth forests. My new desert surroundings stood in stark contrast. The arid climate, stunning light and sparse terrain created a beauty both harsh and elusive. Exploring the distinctions between the two places, I found an expansive, visceral connection to my surroundings and an instinct to interpret it.


The desert environment, in particular, brings nature to the forefront. My abstract paintings reflect the interconnectedness and fluidity observed there. I explore other wild, natural landscapes for further source material and inspiration. Photographs of unusual flora and fauna, details of textures and patterns, or drawings made in the field serve as references in my studio. I collect curious flower specimens and use their diverse shapes to develop forms and organizing principles.


My paintings unfold over time. Each one alludes to an accumulation of experiences with nature based on a specific locale. The work is fueled by my ongoing fascination, engagement, and impressions of the natural world, and by the solitude and connections found there.