I’ve always been drawn to color, fascinated by its visual, emotional, and aesthetic possibilities. Painting in an abstract style allows me to explore this passion. Observing color in the world, in landscapes of all kinds, feeds my instincts in the studio and is a rich source of content for my work.

​I use broad gestures, flat areas of paint, and transparent washes to make marks that are clearly defined from one another by color. They touch, overlap, or intertwine but always leave visible something beneath, creating moments of visual intrigue. I tend to think and work in layers, with pauses between each (a method I attribute to my early training as a printmaker). Throughout the process I pursue balance and tension, pushing and pulling, nudging and tending until I arrive at a scheme that feels complete.

​Solitary experiences of landscape are particularly influential for me, especially those that provoke a feeling of being close to nature. Living in remote, far West Texas provides endless opportunities to connect with the striking beauty of the high desert, its dramatic light and sparse terrain are extraordinary. But I’m equally intrigued by more humble views – the shimmering green and gold treetops meeting the pale blue sky out my studio window, dark shadow silhouettes projected on a bright wall of color, or the endless inspiration found in my garden. Instructive and inspiring, these moments provide both subject matter and motivation for my work.