Exhibition of New Paintings by Ann Marie Nafziger at Marfa Studio of Arts


An exhibition of new paintings by Ann Marie Nafziger opens this Saturday evening, September 11 and runs through October 16, 2021. A closing reception will be held on Chinati Weekend, Saturday October 9 from 3 - 5:00 pm with mezcal and music.


Nafziger is showing sixteen paintings, all of them made over the past two years in her studio in Marfa. The work is abstract and made mostly with acrylic on canvas or paper. In many of the paintings transparent washes, brush marks, and drips contrast with flat planes of color or dark pockets of black or gray. Lines made with graphite or marker sometimes appear, adding areas of pattern or, in some cases, connecting parts of a painting like threads. In two of the works on paper, the artist uses collage and other mixed media.


The show marks Nafziger’s return to painting after time away from the studio, and her interest in color is apparent – from the exuberant combination of crimson, pink, and bright blue in Tilt-a-Whirl to the more subdued rosy-browns and pale yellows in Cusp of September. Born and raised in rural Ohio, Nafziger spent a decade in the Pacific Northwest before moving to far West Texas in 2002. These places (and especially their contrasts) are significant to the artist; a few titles nod to them including Ohio Rose (for AK), Canopy, and Western Skies.


Marfa Studio of Arts is located at 106 E. San Antonio Street in Marfa. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 1 - 5:00 pm.